Announcement of 8 latest Pro-Jet3500 3D Printers

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8 new models of Pro-Jet3500 3D printers range have been launched by 3D Systems lately. It was a welcome announcement from the company for enthusiastic investors. With this launch, 3D print is supposed to become simpler and well-distributed. Availability of 3D print is soon going to be the characteristic result of this launch. Remote controllability has also been introduced for this printers’ range. However, advancement could not be made towards use of print material as even the latest range supports plastic, was and similar components too. Still, varieties of objects can be produced by Pro-Jet3500 printers.

Pro-Jet3500 incorporates the same technology that was incorporated into Multi-Jet, namely, Pro-Jet HDMAX and CPXMAX. Other features that characterise the 8 new versions are touch-screen, connectivity with tablets or smart phones, production-class printer head and material management. Print substances that are attuned for Visi Jet are suitable for Pro-Jet3500 too. Substances that are usable for testing plastic functionality are resistant to temperature durable as well. Those substances can be used with Pro-Jet3500 for the creation of 3D items too. Jewellery, medical equipment, rapid-foundry and similar purposes can be certainly fulfilled with the help of Pro-Jet3500.

5-year warranty provided on printer heads by 3D Systems is another significant advantage with Pro-Jet3500 models. The printing company also provides Print3D applications for tablets and smart phones along with each printer of this class. Although it has been launched for the first time, the application is completely efficient. That the application can pre-emptively execute variations in a running programme is evidence of its efficiency. The all round improvement that have been introduced through these printers have made fine 3D printing more accessible. The objects produce with the help of Pro-Jet3500 are finer and more detailed than those produced by any other printer.

Clear goal and effective strategy let 3D Systems launch what it has launched. These 8 magnificent 3D printers are expected to broaden the scope and availability of 3D prints. Pro-Jet3500 printers are more convenient to be used than other printers in this class too. Besides, both reverse engineering and development from scratch can be done with the help of Pro-Jet3500 printers. Thus, efficiency, convenience and affordability have been integrated altogether in Pro-Jet3500 series. With it, 3D Systems has leaped significantly towards provision of well distributed and readily available 3D printing service. It shall not remain the monopoly of only rich investors here-forth.

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