3d Scanning, Its Uses

Picture Credit : wikipedia.org

There are several reasons that explain the popularity of three dimensional technology. The programs featured on television make use of the technology. The technology is used in creating some practical and real objects. 3D printing has a much similar nature. However, there is also a  technology of 3D scanning and we can see here how useful it has come out to be. Does this technology have any benefits and services for the general people? The answer to all this may be found in the present discussion.

For those that are beginners, 3D scanning is a technology that helps in capturing the object’s 3D surface. This amazing technology is of immense use when it comes to reverse engineering or replicating something. We can see for example an object that hasnt any CAD model. Buying CAD model designer is expensive. Moreover, 3D scanning comes a lot cheaper and does the task more specifically. The entire process involves capturing the entire surface of object. This data is then fed into computer from which the 3D CAD models are created by the computer. This way it is easier to create as many versions of product as desired. Modifications or updates can as well be brought about in a product with the assistance of three dimensional scanning. Manufacturers of objects can now design accessories and other models for their products with the technology.

Another field where you can find major use of this amazing technology is medicine. Skin, bones, and teeth can be scanned for creating implants, grafts and replacements. Documenting artifacts can also find its application. The 3D technology enabled the archaeologists, the anthropologists, to see their dreams coming true.

There is another field where also you would notice significant contribution of this method. It is in movies. The much admired special effects in movies are done with the assistance of this method. The 3D versions of man are made by scanning them. The Lord of the Rings in Gollum made use of a similar motion capture technology that comes nearer to 3D scanning. The suit worn by Andy Serkis had numerous targets for capturing his movements.

For those that think 3D scanning to be an extremely expensive technology or consider it to be task of those that are more engaged with doing outlandish things, are in the wrong. It is cheaper than they consider and are as useful in different walks of life.

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