3D-Printed Implants Shown To Help Grow ‘Real Bone’

3D-Printed Implants Shown To Help Grow 'Real Bone'Adam is a Kwambio biotech initiative. The idea is based on the use of innovative materials for 3D printing. This includes polycaprolactone with the addition of hydroxyapatite, the main mineral component of bone tissue, as well as a bioglass based on the same hydroxyapatite and borosilicate glass. As explained in a joint press release, the first option is designed to correct defects of the tubular bones, while the second is considered as a substitute for bone structures that are not exposed to excessively high active loads, such as the bones of the skull or the lower and upper jaws. Both materials successfully passed preliminary laboratory tests.

To work with promising materials, branded 3D printers Kwambio, working on the technology of inkjet 3D printing and successfully used by the company in the production of designer ceramics will be used. Brand equipment is available in industrial and personal options for professional use.

The headquarters of the new project is located in the city of Groton, Connecticut, on the site of the scientific technopark BioCT Innovation Commons, where preclinical studies will be conducted. Support will be provided by Techstars, a Colorado business accelerator, and Applied Medical Resources Corporation, a California medical instrument manufacturer. One of the next steps will be the development of a specialized cloud platform for converting tomographic data into digital 3D models.

“In the US, one hundred and twenty thousand people are waiting in line for transplantation. In the world of such people there are more than a million. New technologies aim to solve this problem, and Adam will be the first opportunity to print organic bones.

“The global market for 3D bio printing is growing rapidly. As market research shows, growth will continue at a rapid pace and by 2024 global volumes will reach two and a half million US dollars.

Picture Credit: stepintofuture

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