The 3Doodler Makes Printing 3d Objects Smoother and Quicker

The arena of technology has changed dramatically and is still changing. The tech freaks are so engraved to the technical updates and launches that the moment a new brand product gets released they are excited like always. The possibilities of great product to be launched every now and then have eventually become a normal tendency. The market of 3D printing has also seen this change where the product named 3Doodler is making some news now. Although it’s not going to be there for purchase in stores soon but it has got a great enthusiasts lined up in expectations.

WoobleWoks are the brainchild behind this innovative product and have launched this through Kickstarter campaign. Going by its name this product is what it promises to be. It is one device which allows users for doodling the three dimension space. The space of  pen allowing the users for waving it in air while creating a model from plastic in a real time situation. The company names this product as the 3D printing pen which really works wonders which is evident from response it got in just 48 hours from its launch through the Kickstarter. This project has received the pledges worth $1.1 million. The company had a much smaller goal of touching the figure of $30,000 initially. Tremendous response is something what the product has achieved by now which would certainly make the company happier than ever for supporting the campaign on the internet.

For using this product people would just need plugging it to an electric outlet.  Functioning of this product is pretty similar to the glue gun that heats up plastics while emitting out the shape which it requires to be drawn. The plastic is gets really smooth and has the capacity to dry up real fast. So a quick freeze allows people to create 3 dimensional figures with ease. To make the best use of this product user would be required to use the ABS plastics that are the trending materials used for latest 3D printers. One foor of this plastic material can be utilized for creating an 11 feet of object.

Advanced technology backed by efficient printing is what the product was aimed to deliver. With these things in mind the company has made sure to make is popular and accessible to the general population. Adding to that the price of this product has been brought down considerably. The expected price of its launch is $75 which comes with a plastic bag to let people started away.


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