3D Scanning Technology to Assist Oil Rig Workers with Safety Issues

People performing their job at oil rigs are always faced with different dangers. There is always a possibility of fire and chances of injury are quite high. Accidents take place majority of times which results in great physical damage and sometimes death.  Safety is undoubtedly a big priority but putting into effect new ones is quite a hard task.

Crew weight happens to be a major concern which did not get the kind of attention that was required. There has been a nineteen percent increase in weight since the last time that was recorded way back in the 1980’s. This poses great risk to evacuation strategies. It puts everything in question like gears, lifeboats, weight holding capacity of helicopters and many other factors.

So when it comes to improvements in safety, 3D scanning proves essential. With this innovative technology oil rigs employee’s data can be collected. With this new emergency methods and rules can be made effective for meeting the new set of specifications. This will come as compensation as people now weigh more as compared to previous years.

This is a vital piece of information because it makes evacuation procedures organised and panic free at times of emergency. Every company should know their workers weight. This assists them to perform the necessary procedures during emergency easily and effectively.

For streamlining these processes, couple of scanners are put into operation for capturing data related to workers. Hamamatsu scanner performs 3D scanning which is built using innovative technology. It is named TARDIS by the people involved in this entire project.

The entire data which gets collected will help in figuring average proportion of workers and potentially prevent accidents from occurring. As the most latest and innovative technology is being used it is anticipated that figures will be quite accurate that will assist in preparing safety equipments and gear.

People always feel that 3D scanning is more of a technological fad and hardly find any use in day to day activities of people. But this is not absolutely true as it has tremendous capability which if put to good use can bring a lot of positive changes. It has already proved its worth with this research and in the near future more advancement will be made with this technology. Once workers are assured of their safety it becomes obvious that they will feel more enthusiastic and confident of the job they are doing.

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