3d Scanning Service Can Make Custom-Fitting Headphones

Picture Credit : mnn.com

Anything that is customised according to one’s preferences or physical features is always better than everything that is constructed generally. This applicable to objects such as headphones, etc., that may not seem to have great significance. However, for those who depend upon hearing-aides, use headphones regularly or those who are in Navy SEALs, earphones are among the most important devices. Presently, any type of earpiece can be prepared with the help of 3D scanning service but earlier its customised production was not such a convenient task.

Earlier, impressions of people’s ears were taken in order to produce earpieces that custom-fit those ears. The material that was used to take the impression of ears used to be viscous form of silicon. However, the production was rarely finely finished and the finished products were hardly comfortable to put on. On the contrary to this method, 3D scanning makes task simpler. It involves scanning the ear canals of people to produce exact structure and shape of ears virtually in 3D. Thus, when the virtual model is ready with precise details, construction of the device based on the model is not a big task.

A fluid-filled membrane is placed inside the ear with the help of a probe as a preliminary step to the procedure. 3D scanning service involves emission of fluorescent light on the membrane and thus the interior cavity of ear is obtained in the form of an image. Since this image is precisely detailed, developers can create a physical model that perfectly fits ear canal for which it is made. Each earphone made in this way is most comfortable and works best for only the person for whom it is created as its body is exclusively designed to fit the only the scanned ear.

3D scanning service considerably reduces the production-time required for the device. Besides, the disturbance due to the change of air pressure inside the ear is the only discomfort that people have to go through during this process. The technology is termed Lantos.

Originally, the technology was to produce only hearing aide but now, Lantos aims the consumer market too. It would produce headphones to tap the demands for custom-fitting headphones. Besides, military personnel have also expressed interest in the Lantos Technology. Earpieces are required by almost departments of defence. The applications of this technology are diverse and huge. Its success depends upon how efficiently and ambitiously the company banks upon demands.

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