3D Printing might be available in space soon

NASA back zero gravity 3D printer development
Picture credit: NASA

If you are looking for investment for your business it can be hard to get, but NASA always have generous amounts available to businesses who can solve the problems involved in any of their current or future missions in space.

3D printing certainly has potential to be incredibly useful in space and therefore it was probably only a matter of time before somebody started work on a 3D printer that can work in space. There are of course now dozens of different 3D Printer designs many used for rapid prototyping services, but unsurprisingly these can’t be used in zero gravity. Some popular 3D printers for rapid prototyping services use powder and a binder, totally suitable for use in space.

Made in Space though are the company who have developed a 3D printer that can work in partial gravity. They have already printed a wrench on a test flight with an aircraft completing dives to simulate partial gravity.

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