3D scanning helped the creation robot that swims

People are much more aware of progress being done in 3D technology because of the regular updates and newsfeed on the development of the technology. It is true that the technology is being used for the development of small goods to parts of vehicles and aircrafts. A new jewel has been added to the crown of technology and that addition is a robot that is capable of swimming like normal professional swimmers.

The robot was developed in Tokyo University of Technology under the leadership of Professor Nakashima. To develop the robot, human swimmer was scanned with the help of 3D scanning machine. The data that was thus obtained was utilised to construct the robot. Interestingly, the robot can perform strokes like the professional swimmer. It features 20 motors and is resistant to water. However, the robot is still in the beta phase and is yet to get legs, which also has limited its swimming capabilities to only front crawl and backstrokes. Swumanoid, the robot swimmer,, will be able to perform breasts strokes once it is updated with legs. There are other limitations that Swumanoid faces as of now. For instance, the maximum speed that it could obtain was only a-third of a human swimmer’s speed. Therefore, research and analyses continue in the Tokyo University.

The robot has not been developed Justas an exhibition of advancement of robotics or 3D scanning in Japan but to help scientists study the technicalities related to swimming. The robot is supposed to be eventually produced and used as lifeguards on beaches or elsewhere to help people whoare struck in water.

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