3D Printing Plays a Big Role in Skull Implant

Picture Credit : popsci.com

The role played by technology in the growth of new methods for treating different conditions is immense. However, 3D printing has recently been used in implant development which most would be unaware of. To state it more specifically this hi-tech technology assisted in the replacement of a human skull.

The charge was handed over to a company for the implant creation to be utilized in a patient. Surgery that was performed helped to replace 75% skull of the patient. OPSCD or the implant procedure used a different kind of material known as polyetherketoneketone thermoplastic. This is one material which is gladly accepted by the body and no problems take place in future even if x-rays need to be performed.

The procedure started with the scanning of the skull and 3D printing assisted with the designing of the implant after the measurements was taken by the equipment. The EOS laser sintering printer assisted with the task as every layer was put down individually at a specific time. Maintenance of details proved easy because of this and chances of bones and tissues accepting the implant were highly increased.

After performing the scans, the patient received implant within a period of two weeks. This is extremely significant and marks the start of a new future where these it would be possible to print as well as design these implants on spot. Every implant can be tailor made for a patient after taking the measurements.

The CEO of the manufacturing company is quite confident that technology of this sort has the power as well as capability to create a revolution in orthopaedic industry. Number of patients undergoing such replacement procedures will definitely exceed five hundred within a month in US. In fact, he is optimistic of the fact that bone replacements of other types can also utilize this technology.

Another, significant news that came up a year ago is that a company by the name LayerWise utilized 3D printing for manufacturing titanium jaw to be used for replacement. Constant efforts are being made by people from every corner of the globe to effectively use printing as well as scanning technologies. With the kind of advancements that are being these days, it is not a bad idea to think of a future where replacements of human body parts might get a lot easier. Companies like these continue with efforts to create a bright future for us.

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