Scan your Handgun through 3D Scanning

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Technology has been changing at a rapid rate and there are many new things being invented. These innovative things are touching our lives in a different manner and bringing a completely new experience. One such invention has been 3D scanning. 3D scanning service has made its presence felt in different areas and made the work easier for the professionals. Now people can scan a handgun with the help of a 3D scanner and help in manufacturing the accessories easily. At first it looked like something unbelievable but with 3D scanning the scientists have made it possible. This will change the way the accessories were created for handguns. There are different accessories that are used in a handgun that include magazines, flashlights, holsters, laser sights, etc.

It was a challenge for the manufacturers to get everything according to the size of the handgun but 3D scanning made it easier. EMS started working on it and made CAD models of the handguns to make sure that the accessories were fitting with the handgun. It was difficult for the manufacturers to understand this scientific language and this made it difficult for them. EMS did it on its own and used the 3D scanning service to make the models of the guns accurately.

There are many complex parts in a handgun and the shape makes it even tougher. It was almost impossible to createone CAD model with hand. While manufacturing the parts one has to make sure that holsters are fitting properly and to get it accurate other components also had to prove to be an accurate fit. While creating the CAD model EMS used Konica Minolta Range 7 to complete the work. The job was completed quickly and they easily got an accurate shape. While creating the model they ran their scanner on the gun and got details of all the parts. There are some other scanner technologies but they cannot work properly in dark. With the EMS 3D scanning you will not face any problem even in the dark. Other scanners used dust in the gun to scan them in the dark but it was impractical to use dust as it harmed the gun. But with the scanning service they did not utilize dust and created the accurate models without any problem. Because of the perfection and speed of their work EMS considered being the best for this job.



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