How 3D Scanning Service Helped Veterans with Their Wise Thought

Veterans from Orlando, Florida needed fund so that a statue of bronze could be built in a nearby park. As a result, they made some fake statue by using clothing as well as mannequins and carried it to various parts of Florida to raise funds for making a statue of real bronze. But after raising the fund they were faced with the problem of creating the perfect mockup statue. The statue required to be at least three tall and is it is evident that 3D scanning service was employed to offer the best outcome.

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Veterans immediately approached EMS. EMS offered 3D scanning for creating computer aided design model of bronze statue. EMS flew down to the state of Florida and employed their Surphaser 3D scanner of high resolution to capture surface areas of large proportions. Apart from that they also used Creaform MetraSCAN 3D scanner for recording every piece of detail like accessories of soldiers, details between arms and guns, etc. For easy Computer Aided Design model scaling, everything was taken at high resolution.

Post completion of 3D scanning service, the scan was reviewed and approved by the concerned veterans. Although they were quite pleased with the outcome but suggested some adjustments like which included leg position of one soldier and gun position on another. To apply the important changes, Free Form SenseAble Technologies were employed by EMS for making digital mold of scanned data.

Post completion of the necessary steps, EMS finished the job of scaling Computer Aided Design model which in turn could be applied as pattern for Computer Numerical Control machine. This was used in casting process so that the required model can be created for making bronze statue. The task definitely seems complicated and difficult but with the assistance of high level professionals it gets a lot easier. EMS’s been operating in this field for number of years and has gained vast experience and expertise. Capturing statue information and along with that 3D scanning service scaling requires huge time. However, the efficiency and professionalism of EMS proved how complicated tasks can be easily accomplished. Individuals along with different businesses have always hired the services of EMS to get full value for the capital they invest on the task. Besides that, the major advantage with EMS is that their services are available at reasonable rates so it becomes easy for businesses just starting up to hire their services.

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