BMW Model Introduced Through 3D Printing

Designing and developing cars is not that easy. This can turn out to be a very good project but it comes with huge responsibilities. The investor’s want the developers to design the car within time and do it perfectly. Now with the technological advancement and development of software like CAD one can expect to complete the project within deadline. Today with new and innovative techniques one can expect to get a dynamic method that is highly reliable. This might take some time but will surely provide you with great results. The technique that we are discussing here is 3d printing and 3D scanning. Recently a firm that is involved in car scaling and modeling used the 3D technology to scan the BMW-5 model.

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The car scale model developers handed this project to EMS and get expected results. EMS used the 3D technology to scan the model and completed the job within time. They needed to create 10 scans and this required more than 1GB memory. The project was completed with the help of Zcorp 3D scanner. The data that was captured was used to prepare CAD model in the 3D format. The 3D printing technique was used by EMS and this helped them in completing the project in just two weeks.

At first they aligned the data and arranged it properly. Then it is merged to get accurate solutions by printing effective 3D printing. Converting data into some meaningful information was done manually but with the advent of 3D technology there is no manual labor required.

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