Use of 3D scanning

You can make use of the technology of scanning for various applications. But, it is not just difficult but impossible to scan very large objects such as Gulfstream II. In general, methods like photogrammetry are employed and also the scanners with long range are put to use. However, you cannot get the accuracy there. Now you have a much better way which is 3D scanning.

The technology of scanning the exterior of the large objects such as Gulfstream II was provided by EMS to the engineering company. It was required to be done quickly while they did not have the 3D CAD data available. A contract was signed between that company and EMS.

The project progressed well. EMS sent two of its engineers to Arizona and there was located Gulfstream II and made use of the 3D scanner from Surphaser. The scanner is enabled to deliver detailed and accurate results at high resolutions. The scanner is ranged high and proves to better than the others. Quite amazingly, the complete process of scanning that giant aircraft of 80 feet took little more than one day to be completed. The scanning was done at 260*270 degrees at 60 feet.

3D scanning is quite simple. The device was placed on floor and also on the scaffolding so as to scan the upper and bottom part of that aircraft simultaneously. The scans that were taken were then aligned properly so as to be sure that their 3D CAD model was perfect and lined up.

Following this they returned to Florida where they spent about two weeks to model that aircraft making use of those scans that they had taken. For making surface for that aircraft they made use of the software RapidForm. A complete model of that aircraft was made and not a wireframe. It was from there that the importing of CAD data to the SolidWorks was done.

Following the process of initial scan, the latter part was carried out lucidly. The 3D CAD was prepared for that aircraft as the engineers brought together the scans. The process of modeling took much less time than it is expected to take to cover a project of such magnitude. The result made the client happy.

In general, it should have taken at least three weeks to finish off with this vast project. What EMS did was to use the technology of 3D scanning so that the process became faster and easier.

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