Use of 3D Scanning on Luxury Vehicle

It would definitely be great if one could create luxury car components within a few hours instead of spending days behind the task. The interesting fact is that such technology has already come to existence, thanks to EMS.

Recently, the company was tasked to use the 3D scanning technology to input information from specific model of Lamborghini. An aftermarket company dealing with car accessories was making luxury car items like ground effects, wings of carbon fiber and spoilers. The handmade wings did not match the rear deck and needed some modification. The wings cost eighteen thousand dollars and they were not able to fit properly which posed a big loss for the company.

The solution was provided by EMS where they made use of the scanning technology for entering the captured image in a computer. They made use of the portable Z scanner to perform the job and the device is highly efficient in capturing every minute detail.

After the scan, EMS made use of the RapidForm software for solid modeling and surfacing. Lastly, the initial patterns were created from resin, carbon fiber by processing it through a CNC machine. The 3D printing technology was not used in this scenario for completing the build as it needs to be made by hand. But overall, the task was made a lot easier and simpler by using scanning technology which would not have been possible before.

Apart from that, the implementation of the scan helped save huge time for this accessories company which also ensured that the wings fitted the Lamborghini perfectly. This was no doubt the most crucial part and it was completed easily. It is always difficult to manufacture a part for an already existing product as it needs to fit perfectly and credit goes to EMS for accomplishing the task.

Even though EMS is well known for their 3D printing technology but they are gradually utilizing scanning technology for different types of applications. As a result of that different companies hire their services to complete their tasks. They are progressing towards more advanced technology and making improvements on the life of people on regular basis. As time progresses 3D printers will gain more popularity and the technology associated with it will certainly find more applications in different situations. The technology discussed here gives a clear idea of how much potential lies in such type of technologies which is capable of changing the future of people.

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