Use of 3D printing by Boeing

The process in which models are made differs by a great deal now from the earlier times. People had to create the models manually which were used as the representations of the larger project which they were about to undertake. But, as of now, models can be created using the technology of 3D printing in unimaginably small period. To be precise, that is what Boeing did.

To be rather specific, 3D printers are used by the Boeing Immersive Development Team for creating the planes they desire to make. This is more like a 3D photocopy. After creating the layout of the design for the plane on computer, with the use of some special powder it is printed in layers. These layers are then stacked one over the other until the model is ready in three dimensions. Very recently, Boeing applied this technology for creating the concept of the jet fighter.

The key to employee productivity as well as creativity is the ability to produce rapid prototypes. It is now more convenient for the engineers and designers to check whether their designs are practicable having a tangible object for the evaluation, thanks to 3D printing. As it is that this company would take just about one hour, it saves a great deal of time so that the initiators know whether their concepts are practicable or not.

The employees, thus, would not lose time on useless designs while they can know whether their designs are effective. Besides, it is not just creating models that 3D printing does. Boeing, in fact, made use of 3D prototyping in order to create replacement parts and also the models that can fix troubles without delay. They came out with a solution in no time in order to fix the troubles so as to continue productivity. This was done by them very recently on one production line. As per Boeing, just one use of Zprint did it all, following which it can be argued that this printer did pay for itself.

You can think of these prototypes being boring and dull. This, however, is not true. You can design them for including colors too. After creating the prototype, the technician would just require to dust away the residual powder, following which the solution is poured over the model so as to bring the color out. They are models that are complete whereby the advantages of 3D printing cannot be denied.

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