3D Printing – The Secret Towards Brighter Future

3D printing is an interesting technology that holds the power to change the way things are manufactured presently and offer the world with cheaper options of productions. A lot of new possibilities can come out of this highly anticipated manufacturing technology. Basically this technology involves layer by layer creation of objects through CAM or Computer Aided Manufacturing. The 3D printers work on different methods and offer the opportunity to create almost anything. The main advantage with 3D printing is that it allows the creation of intricate pieces which lacks in most other manufacturing methods. It can serve variety of industries as chances are that anything designed through the computer, can likely be printed.

Presently a wide range of 3D printing initiatives, printers and kits are available for lone investors and home enthusiasts. Various companies offer 3D printer kits within an affordable price, capable of serving the requirements of the customers. Among the various industries that can benefit from this advanced technology, one industry would definitely be the military. It does not necessarily mean that the technology will be used only to create explosives and firearms but something more meaningful as well as purposeful. The 3D printing technology might prove extremely useful in situations where there is an urgent requirement of a replacement part. The U.S Army has already started deploying mobile laboratories and scientists to different warzones for designing and producing inventions that would be helpful for the army operating in remote areas.

The Engineers from the stationery labs in Bagram and Kandahar Air Base have already come up with a special adapter as well as power cable for the BA5590 battery used in the Minehound. This invention through the 3D printing technology helped to increase the battery life to nearly about nine hours. The current 3D printers are generally used to create mould masters or mould that will allow in the quicker production of final items. Car enthusiasts are already using the technology to come up with replacement parts that are hard to find. The use of a 3D printer along with 3D scanner can be used to directly come up with a part or create a mould for it.

The Printrbot is another example where 3D printers are offered to the masses at extremely low costs. Presently three versions of the Printrbot have already been created which is easy to use and assemble. Although sometimes normal machining methods might seem convenient for manufacturing products but the freedom offered by 3D printing is definitely unmatchable. The scope offered by 3D printing is vast where the technology can be used for construction of buildings, manufacturing parts at sea in the near future. Recently, NASA tested a 3D printer on their International Space Station and stated that there is a requirement of an advanced 3D printer for spacecraft productions during deep space missions. The future of 3D printing holds a lot of importance in the future as devices created through this technology is expected to offer a solid bridge between the physical world and cyberspace.


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