3D Printing Your New Guitar is not a Dream Anymore

Guitar printed by 3D Printing Service

Many young guitarists have scribbled designs for fantastic bespoke guitars on the backs of exercise books which they will have made once rich and famous enough; some of these designs though are next to impossible to have made no matter how much money you have and most guitarists of course never make it to the stage in their performing career where they can afford to get a guitar custom made by skilled craftsmen.

3D printing service may solve these problems soon however and a few others besides: the principle one being the fragility of guitars, at least in certain guitarists hands such as Pete Townsend , Jimi Hendrix , Kurt Cobain and even Jerry Lee Lewis who were famous for destroying their instruments.

3D printing service creates guitars, using additive manufacturing, which are incredibly strong, made of Nylon, and would take some serious effort to destroy. Olaf Diegel is the New Zealander making these bespoke guitars and he says “You could throw one against the wall without worrying about it breaking”.

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