3D printing lessons in Schools produce future Designers

The engineering, architecture and deigning classes that were taken by the schools in past days resulted in improper plans forming a sloppy foam model. If a tool was designed it had very low possibility of converting in a working model. If a building was designed and a 3D CAD design is made on a computer or a rough scale it will never be made out as to how exactly the real building will look like. Many students at Centennial High School in Franklin while using the 3D printers used the rapid prototyping services and were able to complete highly accurate models and working items out of designs made through 3D CAD software.

It is assumed that such a high level equipment might me difficult for a high school student to use and work on it but it’s not so, the rapid prototyping services is a job where the rapid prototype manufactures use the conventional methods to work which are highly accomplished and are highly paid. This service might bring the trend of the 3D printers in the market and they will be easy to use as they become popular. Like for instance the ZPrinters manufactured by the Z Corporation are very easy to use. Out of the various models valuable the Zprinter 450 model was selected for the Franklin’s Centennial High School to be used by the high school students and it was found that they got easily adapted to it with just a little help from their teacher Tim Sawyer.

The Zprinter is also safe to use because it uses non toxic materials unlike the conventional techniques used for rapid prototyping services which uses toxic chemicals and glue. After making the 3D design on a computer a click print has to be made, after that all the extra powder is carefully blown away from inside the Zprinter so that there is minimal wastage of materials and they can be re-used. In this way most of the schools will be able to make it affordable. The Zprinters 450 is available in a very handy size of around 5feet by 7 feet that easily fits in an average classroom.

The Centennial High School has already adopted the use of the Zprinters and has made a special place in the hearts of student and it is assumed that next year the engineering students will be using it as well for upgrading rapid prototyping services.

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