The 3D printers may become life saver

More and more companies are using the 3D printers in their rapid prototyping services as they are very fast and at the same time save a lot of money. Recently the Z printer by the Z Corporation which is a 3D printer, was used by the University of California at Berkley in the research relating to the development of the Magnetic Particle imaging Scanner. These scanners are being developed so that the doctors will get the accurate images and scans which will naturally result in perfect diagnosis. As the quality of images and scans taken by these scanners will be of very high clarity and resolution, even the minutest problem in the body of the patient will be showed by the image immediately. Not only for diagnosis but these scanners will be useful for taking pre surgery and post surgery details for comparison and to determine the success of the surgery.

The Magnetic Particle Image Scanner could also detect and show even a small but abnormal growth in cells which may be dangerous as it may be start of Cancer. If the doctors are able to detect any cancer when the cancerous growth has just started then they will be able to save many people with best treatment available. It can also be used for scanning hearts and brains so that there will be no need for doing the surgery for the purpose of diagnosis. Even the scanners which have a possibility of radiation will not be used because of the new Magnetic Scanners as they are harmless.  Using the 3D printers in the rapid prototyping services in the development of scanner will result in the reduction of the cost.

Making the prototypes of the scanners to test the accuracy and feasibility in the real scenarios is very costly process in the rapid prototyping services. The small prototypes of the scanner which are mostly used for scanning the animals are also costly. The changes which are made to the prototype are also part of a continuous process which takes a lot of time and money. This is the main reason behind the increased use of the 3D printers as it saves a lot of money in the printing required. The efficiency and the accuracy as well as the affordability of the 3D printers make them the best choice in the rapid prototyping services. The Z printer takes only seconds for the complete process of accessing the image from digital file and incorporating the changes which made as a result of the previous model. The printing process is also relatively very short than the other printers.

As the 3D printers are so cost effective which means that the cost of rapid prototyping services will be reduced significantly which will result in low production cost of equipments. Low production cost means low price in the market which will automatically result in usage of equipment by more hospitals. Ultimately it means that more and more people will get the benefits of that equipment. Even the universities will benefit as their research cost will be reduces and many projects can be sponsored in the same amount of budget.  According to the project head of the research team of the University of California, Patrick Goodwill, the 3D printers are cost effective and time effective in comparison with the other printers in the rapid prototyping services. They are so cost effective that even the students are allowed to send their designs to the printer.


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